If you’ve read through this site and checked out the “getting started” section, but still have questions or concerns about homeschooling, you may want to consider scheduling a personal consultation.

I have been plugged into the Atlanta-area homeschool community for the last 20 years, and am familiar with (and excited about) the various groups and educational opportunities around town. I have been an active member of LEAD (one of Atlanta’s oldest, secular homeschool groups) since 2000. Through LEAD, I have had the opportunity to teach classes on a variety of subjects, and offer advice and homeschool-related recommendations to countless families. I have also been a part of HEGA and the Atlanta Homeschool Co-op, and have used or tried out a number of secular curricula and resources, from Calvert to Oak Meadow, to Well Trained Mind, and Story of the World, and many more.

Now, after so many years serving as an unofficial consultant helping new families and homeschoolers in transition periods find their way, I’m excited to put my homeschool knowledge to work for life-learning families in the Atlanta area and beyond.

My areas of expertise include:

– Meeting state homeschool laws in Georgia

– Getting started

– Organizing your homeschool day

– Choosing a curriculum

– Hands-on learning & learning together as a family

– Creating your own curriculum from different sources

– Finding your homeschool style

– Keeping the fun and playfulness in your homeschooling

– Community resources

– Atlanta-area homeschool groups & classes

– Homeschooling through high school (particularly creating transcripts)

– Homeschooling younger kids

– Providing moral support

and much more…

If you are looking for a personalized response to your homeschooling questions, or just need a little guidance to get back on track, I offer two consultation options.

1.) Two in-depth email exchanges, answering your homeschool questions and providing relevant links to useful information and resources. $45

2.) A half-hour, scheduled phone consultation, followed up with an email with recommendations and information. $50

Each option also includes a shorter “checking in” email after the consultation, to see how things are going.


Payment can be made online via Zelle or PayPal. I will give you the payment information once the consultation is scheduled. Thank you!