The Love List — June 2017

Here are a few things we’re loving in our homeschooling — and in our lives — right now:


My eight-year-old and I have been completely enthralled with The Long, Long Holiday on Netflix. It is a beautifully written, beautifully animated series about a difficult topic. The creators have done a wonderful job showing the realities of WWII France, without being too graphic for younger viewers.

My husband and I have been making our way through The Durrells in Corfu on Amazon. This British drama/comedy definitely appeals to the homeschooler in me, as I’d love to pack up and move away to an island so that we could focus full time on nature study, writing, and immersing ourselves in a different culture. It has also led me to want to learn more about the real-life Durrells, who (it turns out) were even more interesting (though also a bit darker and more complex) than they are on the show.

What can I say? I love every single thing about the live-action retelling of the classic Beauty and the Beast. I could watch it over and over.


Speaking of Beauty and the Beast, this two-volume manga set from Tokyo Pop perfectly captures the look and feel of the live action film, without losing its traditional manga-feel. Volume one is told from Belle’s perspective, Volume two is Beast’s. I bought it for myself, but I think the eight-year-old will enjoy reading it as well.

Summertime means more time for read-alouds. So far we’ve read The Story of Dr. Doolittle, Pippi Longstocking, Hiro’s Quest (Volume 1), all of the Dragon Masters books,  and The Story of King Arthur and His Knights. Upcoming Summerly read-alouds will include Where the Red Fern Grows, Freddy Goes to Florida, and the Stink series.

I’ve made a point to make time for my own reading this summer, and have just finished A Gentleman in Moscow, The Jane Austin Project, and a re-reading of Tuck Everlasting. The first one took me a while to get through because it is so long, and there are only so many hours in a day I can set aside for undisturbed reading, but it was worth the time (especially since I really like small, personal stories set against historical backdrops). I actually enjoyed all three books for different reasons. And it feels really good to be reading fiction again after focusing so heavily on non-fiction for the last few years.


We recently discovered that there is Scandinavian ancestry on my side of the family, so what better way to celebrate that than with a traditional Scandinavian Midsummer Feast? Some wonderful recipes can be found here and here. And I really love this book (we’ve made several of the recipes already and they all turned out great).

Around Town

We’ve become huge fans of the Chattahoochee Nature Center. With their Animal Encounter talks, scavenger hunts, variety of hiking paths, family classes (we’re learning to canoe next month!), and their homeschool program, which starts up again in the fall, we’re spending as much time there as we can.

We also love spending time in downtown Duluth all year-round, but especially so in the summer. With a nice selection of restaurants, my favorite pie shop, a new donut shop, food truck Fridays, and a fantastic green space with a huge fountain splash pad for hanging out and cooling off, what’s not to love?


Outschool looks like a great site for finding interesting online classes for your homeschoolers. We’ve got a list of upcoming classes we’re excited to try, including World History, coding, and Emergency Kits Made Easy.

Jam is also a great site for online learning. Here you’ll find quests to complete on topics such as Minecraft, cooking, music, drawing, and more. I like that the instruction is online but the actual work is hands-on and creative.

Duolingo now offers a free Japanese language course! Just what we needed to keep moving forward with our at-home Japanese language studies. (We’re slowly, but surely making progress!)


Please Note: some affiliate links are included above. Affiliate links help support the site. But everything included on this list, or anywhere on the site, are things that we actually use, love, and recommend.

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