Gwinnett Library Events

We love our local library system. We spend much of our summer checking out books and attending fun events there. During the rest of the year, we always seem to be too busy to get to the library as often as we want. But I think we’re going to make an effort to do more of their events this fall and winter. In fact, some of the events sound so awesome, I wanted to share them here with fellow homeschooling families so that those of you in the area can attend as well! Enjoy!

Homeschool Hangout: 3D Printing at the Duluth Library — Tuesday, 11/19 at 2:30pm; Homeschool families with kids of all ages are invited to come out and learn more about 3D printing. No charge, but space is limited.

Debate Club for Teens at the Duluth Library — Tuesday, 11/19 at 5:30pm; Come learn how to debate in this fandom-themed debate club. This month’s theme: Original Films vs Remakes. No charge.

Practical Origamists: Succulents at the Duluth Library — Wednesday, 11/20 at 4pm; Teens and adults are welcome to come and learn to make paper succulents! These origami plants make perfect gifts and decorations. No charge.

Chess Tournament at the Duluth Library — Wednesday, 11/20 at 6pm; Bring your own chess board or use one provided by the library. Open to kids and teens of all ages and skill levels. Space is limited. Rules can be found by following the link. No charge.

Harry Potter Holiday Celebration at the Duluth Library — Tuesday, 12/3 from 5:30 to 7:30pm; Come out to make wands, sorting hats, quill pens, and chocolate frogs. Plus, do some HP trivia! Open to kids and teens in grades 3-12. No charge.

Harry Potter Yule Ball at the Dacula Library — Saturday, 12/14 from 7-10pm; tweens and teens from grades 6-12 are invited to come out to this festive and fun after-hours event. Feel free to wear your robes and bring your wands, but no dress code is required. Enjoy snacks from Honeydukes, take part in wizarding games and activities, and dance! If you love Harry Potter and always wanted to attend your own Yule Ball, now’s your chance! No charge.


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