The Love List — February 2020

Here are a few of the things we’re loving right now:

At Home:

Snow Days! Sure, it was 70 degrees and sunny just a few days ago (which we celebrated by meeting up with friends at the park), but today we woke up to snow. A lovely surprise, and so much fun.

This small indoor garden system that I got for Christmas. I love having fresh herbs and tiny tomatoes growing right in our dining room.

Daydreaming about taking a short unplugged, nature-based vacation. It’s just a two-hour drive!

Exploring our ancestry through food. Currently we’re incorporating more British (and Irish) recipes into our weekly dinner rotation, and enjoying a cuppa tea with biscuits some afternoons. (McVities Chocolate Digestives and Taylors Yorkshire Tea are my favorites. Yum!) Locally, you can find these British goodies and more at Taste of Britain in downtown Norcross.

Around the Internet:

78 new emotions. I needed some of these.

The Book Fairies. Do you want to be a book fairy too? I do!

Books, Music, Movies:

We are loving OwlCrate (for me) and OwlCrate Jr. (for my 10 year old). They are absolutely one of the best subscription box services we’ve ever tried.

The Dungeonology book. Part of the awesome ‘Ology series (Dragonology, Knightology, Wizardology, etc.). This one is a cool addition — and fun to look through — for any D&D-loving family. (And perfect timing since we’re starting a new D&D homeschool club this week!)

I can’t say enough good things about Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts. This Netflix original is full of good storytelling, interesting characters, fantastic voice acting, action and adventure, and lovely, imaginative animation. We’re ready for season two.

Oak Meadow. Still our go-to, main curriculum. We’ve used them since our oldest, now-adult son was in Grade 5 (so about 13 years!). These days I use it more as a guide and jumping off point; mostly because youngest son is a different type of learner than his brother. But that’s one of the best things about OM, in my opinion — it’s so easily adaptable to different types of learners. We’re finishing up Grade 5 this month and next….with youngest son on track to wrap it up by mid-March. Then we’ll do some unit studies and other fun educational explorations before moving on to Grade 6. Really, where does the time go?

note: I am not an Amazon affiliate. I do not receive compensation from any of these links or recommendations.

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