Brief Hiatus — Update

Family life and staying healthy are taking top priority in our household (and many households) at the moment, so we will be on a brief hiatus here at Summerly Homeschool through the end of April to take care of things.

Our monthly Book Club is canceled for March. We’ll discuss the March book in April, and the April book in May instead. D&D Club will not meet in person for our last three sessions, instead we’ll be meeting online using Zoom for our adventuring. And Spring Break Enrichment Camp is being postponed until summer, where it will be known as Summer Break Enrichment Camp.

I’ll also be on break from posting to the Summerly blog for awhile, unless something urgently needs to be posted (or if I decide to add a post about all of the great online learning opportunities that are out there for homeschoolers).

I apologize for the inconvenience with the canceled classes and camps, but with the current coronavirus situation, I would rather take every precaution to avoid catching/spreading the virus, rather than risk it for classes that can be rescheduled. Once things calm down, we’ll be back with more park days, classes, and blog posts.

Until then, Stay Well!

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